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Erin Stranges

2010 , Journalism, International Politics

Headshot of alumni member Erin Stranges


Hollywood, Maryland


Strategic Communications Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton


Public Affairs / Government Communications

At Penn State

As an undergraduate, Stranges attained degrees in both journalism and international politics. While pursuing these degrees, she completed internships with the Secretary of Defense-Public Affairs where she was responsible for responding to press inquiries, acting as a media contact for international and domestic media professionals, attending media briefings and writing press releases. She also interned for the American Red Cross in State College where she created several publications and stood up a social media campaign to advance the mission of the Red Cross and attract a more diverse group of student volunteers.


Since graduating, Stranges has been employed by Booz Allen Hamilton as strategic communications associate. Stranges has spent most of her career delivering high-quality products and high-impact services in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps markets in both San Diego, CA and the Washington, D.C. area. Most recently, her clients have included the Naval Aviation Enterprise, the Program Executive Office for Tactical Aircraft systems, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center. She has experience in military public affairs; strategic planning; strategic communications; data collection and process improvement strategy development; quantitative and qualitative analysis; social media strategy; geospatial intelligence analytics and support to senior military and government officials. Stranges recently completed her Master of Professional Studies in homeland security through Penn State World Campus and hopes to expand her subject matter expertise and continue to utilize her communications education and work experience within the Department of Defense.