Board Members

Katherine Hansen

2005 , Media Studies

Headshot of alumni member Katherine Hansen


Internal Communications Manager, Verisk Financial


  • Strategic Communications
  • Executive Support: Communications, Events Management
  • Copy Editing
  • Web Content Management

At Penn State

Hansen graduated from Penn State in May 2005. She is actively involved in various alumni activities and previously served as Director of the Sports Committee for the New York City Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association from 2011-2016.


In her over 10 years of professional experience, Katherine has applied her writing and analytical skills to communications positions at Fortune 500 organizations in a variety of business environments. Katherine currently oversees the internal communications strategy for data analytics and solutions company Verisk Financial. She previously served in an internal communications capacity for Bank of America’s global procurement division, Capital One’s commercial bank and S&P Global (then known as The McGraw-Hill Companies). Katherine has also worked in agency and not-for-profit business environments, where she conducted public relations for a cancer drug and community relations for a New York/Connecticut not-for-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with traumatic brain injuries.