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Sebastien Kraft

2021 , Journalism

Headshot of alumni member Sebastien Kraft


Silver Spring, Maryland


Student Representative

At Penn State

Kraft is a member of the Presidential Leadership Academy and is involved with the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism; PSN News, as a news anchor; and formerly The Daily Collegian, where he was a general arts reporter and film critic. He has also anchored radio newscasts for WPSU and CommRadio. He won first place in the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association’s 2020 Keystone Awards for a short documentary he produced as part of a Curley Center story on the development of Olympic team handball in the United States.


Born in Paris to a French mother and an American father, Kraft is a French-American dual-citizen. He is a native speaker in both French and English, and he seeks to incorporate his multicultural background in all facets of his craft. He was a student in the interdisciplinary communication arts program at Montgomery Blair High School. He won third prize in C-SPAN’s StudentCam 2017, a nationwide high school documentary competition. He is a freelance writer for MarketScale, a business-to-business firm based in Dallas. Since May 2019, he has worked as the director and editor of “The Ballance of Baseball,” a sports docuseries covering travel baseball and the various players, parents, and coaches who commit their lives to the game.


Twitter: @kraft_sebastien