T.J. Brightman

1991 , Broadcast-Cable

Headshot of alumni member T.J. Brightman


Bel Air, Maryland


SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Baltimore Orioles


  • Broadcast Sales Management, Radio/Television Industry, with Sports Focus
  • Negotiation: Broadcast Rights Fees, Personal Service Agreements, Talent Contracts
  • Campaign/Creative Concepts: Businesses in Government & Private Sectors
  • Sports Media Thought-Leader & Media Resource

At Penn State

During his undergraduate years, Brightman worked at The Daily Collegian and campus radio station. As a means to pursue an early career outside of Baltimore in commercial radio, he attended Penn State York, where he also served as president of the Student Government Association. He was also a recipient of the Penn State “Eric A. and Josephine S. Walker Award.”


T.J. is senior vice president/chief revenue officer for the Baltimore Orioles. Previously, he was president of A. Bright Idea and is one of the principals for the family-owned advertising and public relations firm, with offices in Bel Air, Maryland, and Sonoma, California. Managing day-to-day business operations, Brightman has more than 25 years of experience in broadcast radio and television sales with more than half of that time working with professional sports teams in MLB and the NFL -- where he created larger-than-life sports marketing campaigns for various Fortune 500 corporate sponsors. This experience enables him to plan careful strategies and media campaigns for A. Bright Idea’s clients in the government and private sector through years of relationships, capitalizing on client advertising dollars across multiple platforms and mediums.

Email: tj@abrightideaonline.com

Twitter: @tjbrightman