Bellisario College Connections

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During these unprecedented times, alumni can make an impact by connecting with and supporting Bellisario College students — present and future. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Mentor current students remotely.
  2. Share your expertise with an online classes
  3. Be a resource in the recruiting of prospective students.
  4. Donate to the Bellisario College Future Fund, which provides students with emergency funding. It also helps attract top-notch students and rewards students for excellence.
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  5. Share an internship opportunity. 

After you have responded to the questions below, you will be contacted by email about next steps, including student matches if you choose to be a mentor, details if you express interest in visiting an online class, and specifics if you select recruiting.

Questions? Please email Director of Alumni Relations Mike Poorman at, and put "Connections" in the subject line.