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The Bellisario College offers the opportunity to gain real-world experience both in and out of the classroom. Below are courses offering client-based assignments that will prepare you to work for CommAgency as well as prepare you for your career after graduation.

COMM 497: Branded Storytelling

This class will give students the opportunity to work with the Penn State Office of Strategic Communications to develop and produce branded multimedia content.

The Office of Strategic Communications will serve as a client, soliciting ideas from and defining deliverables for student production teams. Students of different academic backgrounds and skill levels will work collaboratively to develop creative video productions that fit within the parameters of the Penn State Brand Book.

These productions have the potential to be posted and shared on Penn State’s social media accounts and web outlets. This class is designed to be a hands-on production experience. Students will be given the opportunity to pitch innovative ideas and learn the skills necessary to work in a client-driven production environment.

COMM 471: PR Media & Methods

Final press kit project involves a collaboration with a campus unit. The students work in groups with their client to create public relations materials such as news releases, feature stories, photos, videos, social media strategies and fact sheets.

So far, we’ve worked with the Stand for State bystander intervention program and The Dreamery in the Teaching and Learning with Technology office.

COMM 468: Graphic Applications in Print

In this course, students learn logo design for real clients including PA Center for the First Amendment, Institute for Information Policy, Curley Center for Sports Journalism, Millbrook Marsh Summer Camp, Special Olympics of Centre County, and Schreyer Honors College "Day of Service."

COMM 450a: Search Engine Marketing

In this class student teams work with clients to develop and deploy digital marketing campaigns using the Google Ads platform. These projects are designed to provide proof-of-concept marketing feedback for companies and initiatives that are being supported by Penn State (Invent Penn State, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, LaunchBox, etc.).

Budget for these advertising campaigns is provided by the Bellisario College of Communications to support the University's mission to promote entrepreneurship and commercial development in Pennsylvania.

If you're interested in becoming a client, please contact:

Dr. Lee Ahern
Coordinator of the Digital Media Trends and Analytics minor

COMM 372: Digital PR

For the final Digital Enterprise Project, students create social media around an initiative beyond their personal accounts.

Some of those projects include creating social media strategies and producing content for student organizations, sports teams and small businesses.