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Apply: Bellisario College Fellow

Program Requirements

Interested in applying to be part of the Bellisario Fellows Program? The program is designed primarily for rising juniors (sophomores who have declared a major and will be starting their junior year in the fall). Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply.

  • Minimum of 3.3 cumulative GPA
  • 4-5th semester standing with anticipated graduation after May 2024
  • Declared a major within the Bellisario College of Communications

To remain a Fellow, students must:

  • Maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA
  • Maintain active participation in the Fellows Program
  • Remain enrolled as a Bellisario College of Communications student

How to Apply

The deadline to apply to the Bellisario Fellows Program is March 27, 2023. The application requires the following:

  • An updated resume detailing your education, involvement in campus clubs and organizations, awards and scholarships, internships and relevant professional experience.
  • Two letters of recommendation. These can be academic or professional recommendations. One letter must be from a Bellisario College of Communications faculty or staff member. You may upload your letters to your application prior to submitting OR you can provide the link below directly to your letter writer for submission.
  • Your response to the following two questions (500-word max)
    • Which experience from your resume are you most proud of and why?
    • The Fellows program promotes opportunities for and in support of academic enrichment. What does academic enrichment mean to you?



Questions about the Bellisario Fellows Program or the application process may be submitted to Emily Miller at or Matt Jackson at