Current Student Resources


An annotated bibliography of books and periodicals, and a listing of people and other resources should be included in each portfolio. (“Annotated” means that you have explained and identified your sources in enough detail so that someone who is unfamiliar with the material can find them in a library or similar repository, and that you have described what you have learned from the materials indicating how helpful or unhelpful the resources have been.) Included below is part of the bibliography of an adult student who included in his portfolio a tape describing his learning experiences in music as a percussionist.


1. Podemski, Banjamin. Podemski’s Standard Snare Drum Method, Melville, New York: Belwin Mills, 1940.
“This book was the most technical book, musically speaking, that I went through. It contained a complete musical vocabulary and exercises that had examples which employed the musical terms. It taught note values and note groupings. This book was the most important book in terms of my sight-reading development. The information contained in the book still applies today and is used to instruct drum students. I use this book as a reference whenever I don’t recognize terms in the church music. I have used this book as a warm-up tool prior to playing for pit orchestras for stage shoes. It helps me to get my mind ready for reading the kinds of charts used in this shows.”

2. Jones, Steve. Drummer in the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Interviewed: December 19, 1992.
Steve Jones was interviewed as a personal resource on December 19, 1992, after the Christmas concert. Mr. Jones described his own training. He listened to a two-minute tape of my playing and invited me to practice with a group of Birmingham musicians. He commented on my sense of rhythm, tempo, wrist action, etc. he also agreed to a series of twelve advanced lessons beginning on January 13, 1993. An evaluation of my progress is enclosed along with a tope of my playing before and after the lessons.