Credit by Portfolio

Two Options, Credit by Portfolio

In the Bellisario College, there are two options to obtain credit by portfolio, you can apply for both.

Option 1: Comm 295 (3 credits)

Any student enrolled in the Bellisario College who was employed full-time for six or more months in an communications-related field within the past two years is eligible for COMM 295 credit.

Students will need to submit an acceptable portfolio that demonstrates adequate mastery of relevant expertise and writing skills. This will result in credit for COMM 295, but no grade. The credits will be designated on the transcript as “credit awarded by portfolio assessment” (similar to transfer credit notation).

Option 2: Credit by Portfolio for a specific class (up to 12 credits)

Students who wish to submit a portfolio to count toward a specific class must tailor their portfolio toward the learning objectives for that class. Work examples should demonstrate college-level learning and mastery of each of the learning objectives.

In order to minimize frustration for the student or faculty, it will be to the benefit of all involved to fully understand the criteria for portfolio assessment, including an understanding of the standards to which students will be held as they document their learning. Emphasis cannot be made too strongly that it is not the experience, itself, that justifies credit, but rather the learning that occurs from the experience. How learning is documented and proven is the crux of portfolio assessment.

Before the student begins to prepare the portfolio, World Campus students should meet with Michelle Baker ( and University Park students should meet with Assistant Dean Jamey Perry ( This meeting is in part to decide if the credit by portfolio process is appropriate, to determine which course(s) is appropriate, and to review the process, clarify objectives, requirements, and expectations.


The credit by portfolio process can be started at any time.  Once you have an approved portfolio proposal, we request a completed portfolio to be submitted within one year of that approval date.  You may send your portfolio prior to the deadlines you are given via Baker You are not obliged to turn in your portfolio early, but remember that the earlier you submit the portfolio, the earlier you will learn whether you passed. These deadlines are set to meet graduation timelines.

In general, the Bellisario College requires portfolios be submitted the semester prior to the semester in which you wish to graduate to allow for review and credit submission to fulfill graduation requirements.

Portfolio Review

Communications faculty members will review your portfolio. If deemed acceptable, credit will be applied to your transcript. If unacceptable, either the faculty or Baker will seek further clarification from you and review the portfolio again or the portfolio will be deemed unacceptable.