Washington Program

Communications and Democracy Semester

Washington, D.C., is not only the center of the American government, but it is also a cultural hub, a major media market, and home to trade associations, public policy institutes, law firms, embassies, politicians, and pundits. The Communications and Democracy Semester in Washington, D.C., is an academic program designed to enable students to both complete course work and intern in the nationís capital while earning Penn State credits in their degree programs.

The program is specifically designed for communications and political science majors, yet other students (particulary those in The College of Liberal Arts) will benefit from the participation in the program. Students will have the opportunity to hear from members of the media and government about how Washington works while gaining valuable on the job experience and building an admirable resume.


The course schedule for the Washington Program will vary each fall semester and is subject to change based upon the needs of the students and availibility of faculty. During a typical fall semester, the following courses are offered:

  • COMM 403 Law of Mass Communications
  • COMM 407A Media and Government
  • COMM 407B Perspective on American Journalism
  • COMM 495 Internship
  • Plus 400-level political science offerings tht change from year to year