Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship minorAcademic Minor

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Skills attributed to entrepreneurial behavior and innovative thinking are beneficial for students in most if not all majors, and are critical to career success in established companies and new organizations to address pressing needs around the globe. This interdisciplinary minor uses problem-based learning and other active learning pedagogies to prepare students to create value and be agents of positive change in their discipline and their careers.

Bellisario College E&I Courses

  • PSU 009 First Year Seminar in Media Entrepreneurship
  • COMM 270 Introduction to Multimedia Production
  • COMM 297 Freelancing in the Digital Economy
  • COMM 361 Entrepreneurial Journalism
  • COMM 362 Podcasting
  • COMM 461 Magazine Writing
  • COMM 461a Digital Magazine Production
  • COMM 493 Entrepreneurship in the Information Age

Bellisario College E&I Programs

  • CommAgency
  • CommVentures
  • Go Freelance!  Self-Employment in Media Initiative
  • Innovator-in-Residence Program
  • Digital Media Trends & Analytics Minor
  • New Media ENTI Minor

Bellisario College E&I Faculty