Summer Courses in Comm

The College of Communications offers summer courses both online and face-to-face during the summer.

This is a great opportunity to get for students to get ahead on coursework, take classes while they're away from campus working or, if necessary, take a class again. 

Online classes are listed through the World Campus. Face-to-face classes are listed through University Park. The only exception is COMM 497 Science Communications, which will be an online course and is listed through  University Park.

Registration is now open. Students may contact their adviser and register through LionPath.

College of Communications Advising Office


Drop-Ins -- 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday
Students are encouraged to arrive early. Hours may vary depending on volume and waiting times.

Appointments -- 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday
Make an appointment with this link.

Face-to-face Courses (University Park)

2nd Summer Session, June 28-Aug 9
COMM 110 Mass Media & Society (2433)

COMM 150 The Art of the Cinema (2439)

COMM 205 Gender, Diversity & the Media (8414)

Online Courses (World Campus)

12-Week Courses, May 15-Aug 9
COMM 100 Mass Media and Society (2432, 7901)

COMM 150 The Art of the Conema (2440)

COMM 160 Basic News Writing Skills (2380)

COMM 180 Survey of Electronic Media and Telecommunications (2381)

COMM 205 Gender, Diversity and the Media (2383)

COMM 403 Law of Mass Communications (2387, 2388)

COMM 409 News Media Ethics (2389)

COMM 412 Sports, Media and Society (2393)

7-Week Course (May 15-June 30)
COMM 410 International Mass Connumications (9074)

Online Courses (University Park)

COMM 497 Science Communications (8807)