2022 call for research proposals will focus on sustainability communication

September 17, 2021 • Jonathan McVerry

Call Image - 2022 Sustainability

Organizations are constantly adapting their missions and initiatives to achieve ambitious sustainability goals. Communicating those practices in an efficient and ethical manner to internal and external publics can be challenging. The Arthur W. Page Center hopes to alleviate those challenges with its 2022 Page/Johnson Scholar Grant program call for research proposals. The year’s topic is sustainability communication

Since 2004, the Page Center has funded hundreds of projects tackling many topics in the field. While research themes vary from year to year, the Center consistently supports academic exploration into the understanding of principles practiced in public communication.

Visit the 2022 Call for Proposals page for more information on guidelines, terms and eligibility. All application materials are due Jan. 15, 2022. The call will be moderated by Page Center director Denise Bortree and Center research director Holly Overton.

“The topic of this year’s call is reflective of the ever-increasing importance of companies not only acting sustainably but also communicating ethically and effectively about their efforts," Overton said. “We are excited to support these timely, innovative research projects that contribute to the Page Center’s mission.”

Sustainability communication

With a continued emphasis on organizations adopting and better communicating sustainable practices, submissions should propose research ideas that contribute to the scholarly and public understanding of how organizations are engaging in sustainability communication in various contexts. Visit the call page to learn more about potential topics.

All areas of sustainability communications will be considered, but topics should have an environmental focus. Studies focused particularly on theory development, organizational best practices, ethical implications, and relevant, timely environmental issues are especially encouraged.

Contact Dr. Overton at hko104@psu.edu or Dr. Bortree at dsb177@psu.edu with questions.