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Activities for Students

Be a Part of the Page Center Awards

You are invited to join us on Feb. 23, 2022 to honor a stellar group of communicators. We hope our special virtual event will spark discussion online and in your classrooms. It's free to attend, but please register and let us know where you're from. You can submit a question for one of our honorees that may be asked during the event. Below are some activities that classes can use to get involved in the ever-important topic of integrity in public communication.

Twitter Chat

On the night of the Page Center Awards, join communication professionals, faculty and students from around the globe for a live chat on Twitter. Follow @thepagecenter and use #PageCenterAwards to share thoughts, ask questions, and be a part of a lively and timely conversation about integrity in public communication. The chat will begin 15 minutes before the event starts.

A Page Center scholar, an intern, and an advisory board member will lead the discussion. Other communications professionals and faculty members will be on hand to serve as Center ambassadors. They will chime in on conversations and interact with others who are live-tweeting before, during and after the awards.

Throughout the course of the evening, questions will be tweeted to get the conversation going. We may also retweet and share student comments — as well as highlight some tweets that best capture the spirit of the awards.

Your Questions for the Honorees

When you register, there will be an option to write in questions for honorees. Questions should be geared toward integrity and ethics, particularly in the workplace and in public communication. Students, professors, and attendees are welcome to submit questions for any of the honorees. Some may be shared with the honorees and discussed during the event.

Ideas for In-Class Assignments

The Page Center Awards are typically a memorable night where communicators from different industries come together to honor integrity and ethical decision-making — but it doesn't have to end there. We hope the discussion will continue the next day in class and throughout the semester.

Here are some potential assignments professors can include in their classwork based on the awards: 

  • Write a one-page reflection of the Page Center Awards along with thoughts on the event.
  • Class discussion: What were the most memorable parts of the night? Who was most inspiring? What quotes were most impactful?
  • Hold your own Page Center Awards. Who is someone that exudes integrity? Record a Q&A with them to learn why integrity is important.
  • Write a case study about one of the honorees (You can start here). 
  • Share and discuss student-submitted questions.


The 2022 Page Center Awards will be recorded and available shortly after the live event. We know students and faculty are busy and may not be able to join us on Feb. 23. To increase the longevity of this special night, we encourage faculty and students to revisit the recorded awards and include the discussions with our honorees in future in-class conversations. (You can watch last year's event here.) Please register and we will send the link to the 2022 awards video once it's available.

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