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Angela Buonocore

Interview Segments on Topic: PR Education/Training

Angela Buonocore Biography

Angela Buonocore is senior vice president and chief communications officer for Xylem, a spinoff business from ITT Corporation. She is responsible for global brand and reputation management, public relations, employee communications, corporate advertising, community relations and corporate philanthropy.


INTERVIEWER: Continuing with the ethics theme, what education or previous professional experience best prepares a person for the rigors of ethical decision-making?

BUONOCORE: Now that’s a great question. If I had it to do over again and I were back at the university, I would love to have taken some ethics courses in conjunction with communications courses. That was not part of the curriculum that I took but, I was in school 30 years ago and I do think a lot of communications programs do have ethics in communications or certainly courses where you can have discussions around these topics and I do think that that is a very progressive way to look at a well-rounded communications education. But I do think that some of this education is also easily obtained on the job. If your company, as we just talked about, is doing ethics training; I think communicators have a role in that. They certainly have a role to be totally knowledgeable about it, but they also have a role sometimes in helping to create it, and I think that that’s very important.