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Bill Margaritis

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Bill Margaritis Biography

Bill Margaritis is the executive VP of corporpate affairs at Hilton Worldwide. Previously, he was corporate vice president for global communications and investor relations for FedEx Corporation.


INTERVIEWER: What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career?

MARGARITIS: I think the biggest challenge is maintaining a healthy balance between your work, your health and your family. And I know that might sound a little corny because I probably could come up with endless crises or challenges in the workplace. But that’s not really the way I think about challenge. I think in life, we as adults and executives have to be very mindful of the responsibilities and obligations we have. And mine are at work, they’re at home and they’re within my soul and spirit in my value systems. Sometimes we get a little out of whack. We overdo this. I always find that it’s a work in progress constantly to be mindful of this perpetual challenge of being balanced and taking care of your body and health, paying attention to your loved ones and friends. And making sure that you’re being as great a leader with your people as you possibly could.

INTERVIEWER: The balance makes you better as a leader, right?

MARGARITIS: Absolutely. And I think that there’s some of that in being true to yourself as I mentioned earlier about Fred Smith. He clearly is a living example of someone who leads a balanced life; never ceases to take an opportunity to call one of his kids, or even if he’s in the middle of a very important meeting.

INTERVIEWER: My question for you is quite simply, of all your career accomplishments, of which are you most proud?

MARGARITIS: I am most proud of the team that we have put together here at FedEx in corporate communications and investor relations. For the reputation the team has as adding meaningful value to the business; for helping the business through significant change in the past 15-16 years; and for earning the respect and trust of our executives.