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Charlotte Otto

Interview Segments on Topic: PR Education/Training

Charlotte Otto Biography

Charlotte Otto began her career with Proctor and Gamble as a brand assistant for Prell Concentrate and has remained with P&G to become the first female corporate officer as Global External Relations Officer.   She is responsible for a wide range of communication and public affairs activities from media relations and product publicity to government and community relations.

Charlotte Otto provides service and leadership to the Cincinnati area, serving as a Board Member of The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, as chair of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and past chair of Downtown Cincinnati. She recently was awarded the Arthur W. Page Society’s highest recognition, the Hall of Fame Award.


Interviewer: Okay you talk about the purpose, values, and principles. Was there some kind of a formal training that occurs for the staff or is this something that just kind of generates from word of mouth?  It’s so deep in the fabric. How did it get there and how do the new employees come to own that same value system?

Otto: Well we go at this very purposefully.  All new employees on their very first day get the purpose, values, and principles as virtually the first thing that they get as a new employee.  In fact, we talk to our recruits about it on their interviews. Then we have a formal on boarding program for every new employee around the world. And the purpose, values, and principles are an important part of that. It’s a yearlong program. And we don’t just pass it out. We really try to bring it to life with examples and case studies and times that things have not been totally consistent with purpose, values, and principles because obviously that provides some important learning as well.  So we’re pretty purposeful about training people and that as I said is a part of the daily vocabulary and it’s much more than, it is on all the walls and all the buildings and all the places around the world. But it’s a part of how we do business so you can’t you just have to be blind not to have it touch your work life every day.