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Cordelia Donovan

Interview Segments on Topic: Ethical Decisionmaking/Behavior

Cordelia Donovan Biography

Cordelia Donovan, CEO of Cordelia Donovan, Inc., a public relations and marketing firm located in Manhatten, specializes in the beauty, finance and fashion industries.


INTERVIEWER: Okay. Have you ever had a client ask you to do something that made you uncomfortable, you felt it might be somewhat unethical—has that ever happened?

DONOVAN: I’ve had clients make me feel uncomfortable, which is all the time. No, not all the time, but a lot of times they can make you feel uncomfortable. Thank God I have not had a client ask me to do anything unethical. I’ve had clients make me feel uncomfortable when I question them, but I say a journalist is going to question you so I have to—this is just a part of the process. But thank God, I have not had that in my business yet.