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Jim Murphy

Interview Segments on Topic: Counselor/Counseling Advisor

Jim Murphy Biography

James Murphy is the chairman and CEO of Murphy & Co.

Murphy was the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Accenture and current Chairman and CEO of Murphy and Company, a management consulting firm specializing in corporate marketing and communications.  Mr. Murphy successfully let the effort to rebrand and reposition Accenture in 2000 - 2001 which won widespread recognition for the company.

Mr. Murphy also chairs the PR Coalition, which focuses on issues of interest to all communications professionals and has been recognized for his expertise in government and investor relations, editorial and media activities, corporate advertising, crisis communications, marketing communications and philanthropy, plus many others professional skills.


Interviewer: So is there anything that you’d like to talk about, anything for the upcoming PR professionals to think about?

Murphy: Well it’s an exciting field and I know it’s attracting a lot of people today. It’s becoming a more important seat at the management table at big companies. And everyone’s always uneasy about we can’t define it, like it’s an accountant or lawyer or whatever. And I just say don’t worry about that. This is a business position and you mirror the CEO’s role more than anybody else in the company. Because, after the CEO takes over for a couple years to get all his operations straightened out, or she, it’s all external stuff and all the employee stuff he has to deal with. And that’s the PR guy who is going to help him with that so that’s the exciting part of the future for this, because, more and more, companies cannot hide. They cannot get away. It’s all transparent. And the professional who is at the side of the CEO is going to be the professional element of that.

Interviewer: I just want to thank you very much for sharing some time with us.

Murphy: That's great. Good luck to you. Good, hope that was all right.

Interviewer: Oh that was fine.