Hao Xu, Jisu Huh, and Hyejoon Rim, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Research in Progress: Companies getting political and the influence on CSA public relations

A Page Center-funded project will examine social media data to better understand how people react to Corporate Social Advocacy initiatives depending on the extent to which their ideologies are aligned with the companies’ stances.

Science Narratives

The effects of consuming multiple science narratives for different types of audience engagement

How can narratives affect people's interest and curiosity about science, and what benefits could that have on science as a whole? Page Center scholar Jessica Gall Myrick shares the results of her study that examined the effects of consuming multiple science narratives for different types of audience engagement.

Nicole O’Donnell and Yanni Ma

Research in Progress: How can corporations support environmental justice authentically?

It is becoming more common for corporations to endorse social issues, and showing support for environmental stewardship is now a norm. A Page Center-funded study seeks to understand how corporations can authentically support environmental justice causes and engage activists.

Page Center and Sustainability Team Up

Research Call: Sustainability journal publishing CSA/CSR special issue

The Page Center is partnering with the journal Sustainability in an upcoming special issue titled “Corporate social responsibility, corporate social advocacy, and societal change." Scholars are encouraged to submit manuscripts for research that will help build an understanding of the benefits and challenges of corporate support of social and environmental issues.

Page Center Modules

Page Center Training Modules

The Page Center is strengthening the role of ethics education in communications classrooms. We offer 12 free online modules on a range of ethics topics in public relations.


The Arthur W. Page Center Awards

Every year the Page Center honors icons of public communications who, over the course of their careers, have demonstrated a commitment to the concept of "truth well told."

Chalk-drawn lightbulbs on a chalk board

Legacy Scholar Grants

Support for scholars and professionals making important contributions to ethics and responsibility in public communication.