Conferences and Workshops

Whose Information Is It Anyway? In Search of a New Balance

A by-invitation Experts’ Workshop
New America Foundation
September 10-11, 2014


Wednesday, Sept. 10
4:00-4:15 Welcome and Overview


Part I: Systemic Perspectives
4:15-5:15 Session I: “How Personal is Personal Information?” Darren Stevenson and
Christian Sandvig, University of Michigan
Respondent: Matt Jackson, Penn State

5:15-6:15 Session II: “Security and Privacy of performing Data Analytics in the Cloud - A three way handshake of Technology, Policy, and Management,” Nidhi Rastogi and Marie Joan Kristine Gloria, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Respondent: Sascha Meinrath, New America Foundation

7:00 Dinner: Smith & Wollensky, 1112 19th Street NW

Thursday, Sept. 11
8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast


Part II: The State and the Enterprise
8:30-9:30 Session III: “"Too Big to Care: The Moral Hazards of Exploding Enterprises and Imploding Accountability,” Benjamin W. Cramer, Penn State University
Respondent: Johannes Bauer, Michigan State University

9:30-10:30 Session IV: “Looking Forward, Looking Back: Malware, Cybercrime and
other Net Threats to Trust, Confidence and Security on the Internet,” Prabir K. Neogi and Arthur J. Cordell, Carleton University
Respondent: Richard D. Taylor, Penn State

10:30-10:45 Coffee break

10:45-11:45 Session V: “Securing ‘Technologies of Freedom’ in Democracies Born Digital: Policy Entrepreneurship and Norms Consolidation Practices in Internet Freedom Promotion,” Muzammil M. Hussain, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Respondent: Amit M Schejter, Ben-Gurion University and Penn State1

11:45-1:00 Lunch


Part III: The individual

1:00-2:00 Session VI: “Information Ownership and Materiality in an Age of Big Data Surveillance.” Mél Hogan, Illinois Institute of Technology and Tamara Shepherd, London School of Economics
Respondent: Matt Jackson, Penn State

2:00-3:00 Session VII: “Academic Autonomy and Privacy: Surveillance Issues in the Era of Big Data and MOOCs,” Jo Ann Oravec, University of WisconsinWhitewater
Respondent: Carolyn Byerly, Howard University

3:00-3:15 Coffee Break

3:15-4:15 Session VIII: “The Right to be Forgotten: Its Weaknesses and Alternatives,” Martha Garcia-Murillo and Ian MacInnes, Syracuse University
Respondent: Erik Bohlin Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden


Part IV: Economic perspective
4:15-5:15 Session IX: One Size Fits None: The Economics of Differentiated Regimes for Information Governance,” Jonathan Cave, University of Warwick
Respondent: Krishna Jayakar, Penn State

5:15-5:30 Summary and Closing Remarks

7:00 Dinner: Cafe DuPont, 1500 New Hampshire Ave NW