Institute for Information Policy

Recent Projects

  • Broadband 2021: Report of the Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Development of a National Broadband Research Agenda (View PDF)
  • Small Business and Broadband Working Paper
    "Small Businesses and Broadband: Key Drivers For Economic Recovery"
    Krishna Jayakar, Amit Schejter and Richard Taylor (View PDF)
  • The Rural Conundrum: Intrastate Access Charges In Pennsylvania
    Krishna Jayakar, Amit Schejter and Richard Taylor (View PDF)
  • Beyond Broadband Access: Developing Data-Based Information Policy Strategies
    Edited by Richard D. Taylor and Amit M. Schejter, Fordham University Press (View book info)
  • Future of American Communications (FACT) Working Group “And Communications for All”
    Edited by Amit M. Schejter, Lexington Books (View book info) (on Amazon)
  • Universal Service Working Group
    The Universal Service Working Group is a collaboration between the Benton Foundation and the Institute for Information Policy.