John Curley Center for Sports Journalism

Alumni Council

A 12-member group of alumni serves as an advisory group and resource for the Curley Center overall, and for its students specifically. Members include:

  • Marty Aronoff: Sports Statistician, ESPN/Fox Sports
  • Judson Burch:  Senior Coordinating Producer, ESPN
  • Jim Buzinski: Co-founder,
  • Deb Gelman: Producer/Director, CBS Sports; President, Creative Spark Productions
  • Amanda Gifford Lockwood: Coordinating Producer, ESPN
  • Scott Horner: Senior Director, North American Sales and Marketing Group, Octagon
  • Emily Kaplan: National NHL Reporter, ESPN
  • Rob King: Senior VP, Original Content, ESPN
  • Michael Robinson: Studio Analyst, BTN/NFL Network
  • Rich Russo: Lead Director, NFL, Fox Sports
  • Tom Verducci: Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated; Analyst, Fox Sports and MLB Network
  • Michael Weinreb: Author/Writer, Contributor fo Rolling Stone, The Athletic, ESPN