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We specialize in providing Penn State entities with affordable, high-quality marketing photography that meets Penn State’s Brand Standards. Our photography style ranges from candid, photojournalistic event and student life coverage to higher production set-up shots in labs and classrooms keeping the continuity of Penn State’s photojournalistic brand style.

A student dressed in suit and tie demos a project on his computer for a faculty reviewer.
A CommAgency photographer shoots a head shot in front of a stone pillar on campus.
Soft focus photo of a blond woman talking to several students around a conference table.
A student studying on her laptop in front of a window through which trees are changing color in the fall.
A student wearing VR goggles looks up towards the ceiling while another student gives directions from behind her computer.
A student on a tablet running a survey asks questions of another student with the lion shrine in the background.
A student on a table running a survey and asking questions of a faculty member at the Berkey Creamery.
A faculty member and student interacting at a marketing demo.
Super soft focus background of a woman on a laptop. In the foreground in focus is a door hangar that reads - Eligibility and Case Management - Room in Use
Young kid wearing a beaver costume exploring Shavers Creek
Students in conversation at a recruiting event
Speakers pose in the Carnegie Building
Student handing out blue and white beaded necklaces
Student talking to a guest speaker after an event
Students in conversation over a group project
Kid in a fake beard at a theatre presentation
Kid dressed up with a fake beard
Speaker at an event
Conversation event
Two speakers on stage at a panel event
Student moderating a panel discussion
Guest speaker at an innovation event
Guest speaker photographs a selfie with College students behind her
Meta photograph of a student taking a photograph on her phone at a LaunchBox event