The Penn State Powwow

On Hold for 2021

Relatives, I am getting a number of messages for our powwow in April 2021. Right now I am sorry to report that the coronavirus/COVID-19 is keeping us from having the event. The state of Pennsylvania is not allowing gatherings of our size to take place because of the virus. If that changes, I will notify you all as soon as possible. With all that is going on now, a good powwow is what we need.

John Sanchez, Powwow Coordinator

Group of drummers at the 2014 Powwow

Head Staff

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  • Co-Host Drum: 
  • Co-Host Drum: 
  • Co-Host Drum: 
  • Co-Host Drum: 
  • Head Veteran Dancer: 
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  • Powwow Princess:

Call for Volunteers

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Bruce Teeple, at for more information about volunteer opportunities.

Thanks for considering sharing your time with the Powwow.

Contact Us / Powwow Coordinator

For more information about our powwow and how you can participate, please email John Sanchez at He is our powwow coordinator and he is always happy to talk powwow.

John Sanchez /
123 Carnegie Building
Penn State
University Park, PA 16802-5100