2023 Page Awards

The Page Center Awards Student Essay Contest


On Feb. 22, 2023, the Page Center will host its seventh annual integrity awards. The three honorees will participate in the event and share their insights on ethics, integrity, truth-telling and other qualities and principles that their stellar careers are built on.

Undergraduate students who register for the 2023 Page Center Awards can choose one honoree and submit an essay reflecting on the advice and stories that honoree shares during their segment. Essays should also focus on the honoree's career, as well as their integrity and achievements being honored at this event. Center representatives will review submissions and choose three essays (one for each honoree) that best capture the event’s theme, the messages from the honorees, and how their advice can be applied to students entering the public communications industry.

Winning essayists will receive $250. The essays will be posted on the Page Center blog and shared on its social media accounts. The honoree featured in the essay will also receive a copy.

Download contest details for easy sharing:

Essay Contest slide PowerPoint

Essay Contest slide PDF

Contest Guidelines

• Open to undergraduate students. All majors welcome.

 Registration is required (It’s free and takes two minutes).

• 300-350 words.

• Submissions due by midnight ET on Friday, Feb. 24.

• Submissions (.docx) must be uploaded here.

How it works

 Register for the Page Center Awards.

• Attend the virtual awards on Feb. 22, 2023 @ 7 p.m.

• Choose one of the three honorees.

• Write and submit essay about the honoree, the event and the theme of their segment.

• Include your name, major, school. Please include the faculty member’s name who assigned this activity, if applicable.

Questions to get you started

• What does the advice of the honoree mean for undergraduate students in public communications? Are there recent examples it can be applied to? If so, how?

• How is the advice relevant to students who plan to enter a communications career?

• What is your definition of integrity? When and how did you hear that definition in what the honoree shared? 

• What were some quotes that you found particularly inspirational/insightful? Why?

• What qualities or experience does the honoree have that exemplifies their integrity?


Essays must be completely original work written solely by the author who registered for the 2023 Page Center Awards and submitted the entry. Students may only submit one essay. Authors must be an undergraduate student currently enrolled at a college or university. Winning essayists will be contacted by April 1, 2023. By submitting an essay, the student gives the Page Center permission to share and publish their essay via official Page Center channels.

Contact Jonathan McVerry at jmac@psu.edu with any questions about the contest.