Baobao Song, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Minhee Choi, Texas Tech University

Learning from the UN’s sustainability communication partnership with BTS

March 1, 2024

By Baobao Song, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Minhee Choi, Texas Tech University

On September 20, 2021, the United Nations (U.N.) held its 76th annual General Assembly in a hybrid format, featuring in-person and online participation. The event received special attention because of BTS, a seven-member South Korean boy band. During the assembly, over one million fans worldwide joined the live online event as BTS delivered a seven-minute speech at the U.N. headquarters on climate change, digital community, and… More

By Courtney D. Boman and Matthew S. VanDyke, University of Alabama

Navigating deceptive environmental messaging of greenwashing and interventions

February 27, 2024

By Courtney D. Boman and Matthew S. VanDyke, University of Alabama

In the era of heightened environmental awareness, consumers increasingly seek products aligned with sustainability values. However, amidst genuine efforts, a larger shadow looms – greenwashing. This deceptive practice involves organizations intentionally disseminating misleading information (i.e., disinformation) to create an eco-friendly public image. Our study, funded by the 2022 Arthur W. Page Center’s sustainability call, delves into the nuanced dynamics of greenwashing susceptibility, offering… More

Sustainability publics: Theories of segmentation and effective strategic environmental communication

February 20, 2024

By Hyelim Lee, Washington State University; Alessandro Lovari, University of Cagliari; and Cristina Vaz de Almeida, Technical University of Lisbon; Jeong-Nam Kim, The University of Oklahoma

Environmental sustainability is the long-term maintenance of factors and practices that contribute to the quality of the environment. A key goal for interventions is to foster public engagement and behavior that supports this sustainability. In this context, "plasticity" refers to the capacity for being molded or altered, a term used to distinguish… More

Motorsports Research

Green racing: Motorsports pave a new path toward sustainability

February 9, 2024

By Virginia Harrison, Clemson University, and Rosalynn Vasquez, Baylor University

As the public’s environmental consciousness grows, more organizations are advocating for a sustainable future. Over the years, the climate crisis has gained momentum from various leaders and influencers, such as scientists, celebrities, religious leaders and corporations.

Sports organizations also have a unique power, position, and responsibility to promote prosocial, ethical conversations across the globe. As a new change agent, motorsports series have been taking big steps toward… More

The Page Center has a new module!

New training module, Page Center Integrity Badge available

February 6, 2024 • Jonathan McVerry

The Page Center is launching a special training module that captures the magic of its annual integrity awards and packages it with current initiatives and important topics facing public communication industries. Students who complete the online module will receive the 2024 Page Center Integrity Badge and – backed by the words of awards honorees – they will learn how important ethics, integrity and trust are to their success as future public communicators.

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Essay Contest is Open - April 3

The Page Center Awards Student Essay Contest is back!

February 5, 2024 • Jonathan McVerry

Since the annual Page Center Awards went virtual, its distinguished honorees have educated and inspired thousands of students around the world with encouraging words about the power of integrity and responsible communication. Once again, the Page Center hopes to hear what students think about the awards, the honorees and the current state of public communication in its annual awards essay contest.

The Page Center Awards Essay Contest is asking undergraduate students who watch the event, which… More