Hyejoon Rim, University of Minnesota; Moonhee Cho, University of Tennessee; and Katie Haejung Kim, University of Minnesota

Understanding CSA from the perspectives of PR professionals and employees

July 14, 2024

By Hyejoon Rim, University of Minnesota; Moonhee Cho, University of Tennessee; and Katie Haejung Kim, University of Minnesota

While increasing scholarly attention has begun to explore corporate social advocacy (CSA) and its consequences from the external publics’ (e.g., consumers) perspectives, there is a very limited approach in the way CSA is being discussed from the perspective of the organization itself and among its internal stakeholders.

To fill the research gap, this study adopted a multi-method approach, exploring CSR… More

Rachel Esther Lim

Navigating the ethics of AI in advertising – Scholar Q&A with Rachel Esther Lim

July 11, 2024 • Jonathan McVerry

With the sudden rise of AI technology and its tremendous effect on nearly everything, many areas of public communication have been slow to provide adequate ethical direction. Oklahoma State University researchers Rachel Esther Lim, Sujin Kim and Skye Cooley are working with marketing firms to learn how the industry is navigating the ethical challenges and leveraging the potential of AI. In their project, the first time Page Center scholars will also identify available ethics training tools for advertising practitioners.… More

Lewen Wei UNSW

Project will level-up ethics training through gamification – Scholar Q&A with Lewen Wei

June 19, 2024 • Jonathan McVerry

Ethics is not a game, but it can be. Page Center scholars Lewen Wei, University of New South Wales, and Nahyun Kim, Drexel University, are leading a study that will apply elements of gamification to ethics training. Their idea is to create a learning experience that teaches ethics in an engaging, informational and, yes, fun way. They are first-time Page Center scholars, but both researchers worked on Center projects as graduate students. Kim was the Page Center… More

Ed Timke, a scholar from Michigan State University

Creating disability ethics training that goes beyond compliance – Scholar Q&A with Edward Timke

June 12, 2024 • Jonathan McVerry

Two Page Center scholars from Michigan State University are leading a study that addresses a gap in disability-focused ethics training in the public relations industry. They will study ethical dimensions of accessibility and accommodation within the industry, making it both compliant in its rules, but also genuinely empathetic in its culture. First-time Page Center scholar Edward Timke and three-time Center scholar Chuqing Dong hope in-depth interviews and focus groups will help them set the stage for other fields… More

Laura Lemon

Building a compass to navigate (mis/dis)information – Scholar Q&A with Laura Lemon

June 11, 2024 • Jonathan McVerry

For communication professionals, misinformation and disinformation are serious threats that can have long-lasting implications. Unfortunately, there is a critical gap in applying an ethical framework and a lack of training resources for handling false information. A team of scholars from the University of Alabama is conducting a study to identify ethical standards that will help practitioners prepare and react to the perils of (mis/dis)information. The researchers are two-time Page Center scholar Courtney Boman and first-time Center scholars Laura… More

Weiting and Lee

Examining organizational ethics of care for employees

May 22, 2024

By Weiting Tao, University of Miami and Yeunjae Lee, Colorado State University

In today’s environment, employee engagement and relationships with their organizations have become particularly fragile. Drastic changes to the workplace in the post pandemic world (e.g., teleworking, relocation, restructuring) have induced psychological stress on employees, leaving them in a vulnerable state.

This has made organizational care for employees a top priority of public relations practice. Meanwhile, global concerns around problematic organizational practices, exemplified by increasing sexual… More