Lisa Tam, Soojin Kim, and Helen Hutchings

Research in Progress: Devil is in the “process”: Exploring factors affecting representativeness

August 3, 2020

By Lisa Tam, Queensland University of Technology; Soojin Kim, University of Technology Sydney; and Helen Hutchings, Phillips Group

In February 2020, Paul, a dog owner in Lane Cove, a suburb in Australia, found that the Lane Cove Council was planning to remove the fixed gates from Kingsford Smith Oval and install chicane gates. This change implied that dog owners could not use the park as an enclosed park anymore and that they needed to look for alternative enclosed… More

Yeunjae Lee, Queenie Li, and Sunny Tsai

Research in Progress: Encouraging companies to listen when female employees speak up

July 24, 2020

By Yeunjae Lee, Queenie Li, and Sunny Tsai, University of Miami

Despite the ongoing advocacy to increase diversity and foster inclusive work environments and corporate cultures around the world, discrimination in the workplace remains pervasive, specifically, gender-related mistreatment.

In the United States, four out of 10 working women have encountered discrimination at work due to their gender, ranging from making less money than male colleagues for doing the same work to being passed over for promotions. Extensive… More

Ioana A. Coman and Rosalynn Vasquez

Research in Progress: What happens when organizations don’t listen?

July 21, 2020

By Ioana A. Coman, Texas Tech University, and Rosalynn Vasquez, Boston University

On Sept. 19, 2019, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the company’s first corporate pledge to fight climate change. However, for many employees, including those representing the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, this was not enough. Nearly 3,000 Amazon employees walked out of Amazon’s headquarters the next day in support of the Global Climate Strike, and as a sign of protest for the company’s lack of “proactive”… More

Diana Sisson, Auburn University; Debra Worthington, Auburn University; Graham Bodie, The University of Mississippi

Research in Progress: Stakeholders’ conceptualization of organizational listening

July 13, 2020

By Diana Sisson, Auburn University; Debra Worthington, Auburn University; Graham Bodie, The University of Mississippi

When individuals fail to listen, misunderstanding occurs, frustration ensues, and relationships can end, but when organizations fail to listen, the consequences are often more sweeping. Organizational listening failures have contributed to catastrophes such as the Challenger explosion as well as more minor events that ultimately result in a hit to an organization’s bottom line.

Organizations, like people, make choices about whether or… More

Sarah Maben and Chris Gearhart

Research in Progress: What do you want—really, really want—when you post on an org’s social media?

July 7, 2020

By Sarah Maben and Chris Gearhart, Tarleton State University

While enjoying a juicy hamburger you think, I should grab a pic and post on Instagram. For giggles, you tag the company.

Flying to your favorite conference, your bags have disappeared AGAIN. You post an angry tweet at the airline’s corporate Twitter account.

Something is just not right with the patio scene you’ve constructed based on a sample from your favorite home improvement store. You post your… More

Rita Men, Sunny Tsai Alvin Zhou, and

Research in Progress: Chatbots as an emerging social listening tool for organizations

June 26, 2020

By Rita Men, University of Florida; Sunny Tsai, University of Miami; and Alvin Zhou, University of Pennsylvania

Social listening is not a new concept to brands and organizations. A quick Google search of social listening yields 496 million results in a split second. Many organizations, such as Southwest Airlines, have established social listening centers to monitor online conversations, listen, and attend to customers and employees’ voices in order to engage in dialogues with publics in the digital space.