Grant Eligibility

Page/Johnson Legacy Scholars may come from a variety of academic disciplines and professional fields, including:

► Scholars and researchers - either university-based, think-tank or independent;

► Doctoral candidates who will have completed their coursework and examinations and are at the dissertation-writing stage during the year of the award; and

► Practitioners of public communication, such as corporate or non-profit public relations professionals, journalists, and editors.

Women and minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

Proposals from any perspective, paradigm or methodological orientation are welcome. Joint applications and collaborative projects are especially encouraged.

Award winners in previous years are eligible for additional awards.

Selection Criteria

Page/Johnson Legacy Scholars are selected on a competitive basis by the Center’s Academic Policy and Selection Committee upon recommendations by experts from Penn State faculty, other universities and the professional community.

The selection criteria are:

► Potential of the proposal for making an important contribution to knowledge, practice or public understanding of ethics and responsibility in public communication;

► Applicant’s record of or potential for scholarly or professional achievement;

► Significance and feasibility of the project and quality of its design; and

► The likelihood of appropriate and widespread dissemination of the results.