I-Huei Cheng, National Chengchi University

PR as counsel for the ethical use of AI – Scholar Q&A with I-Huei Cheng

The infiltration of AI into nearly all aspects of business may mean new responsibilities for public relations practitioners. Scholars I-Huei Cheng, National Chengchi University; Karla Gower, University of Alabama; and Seow Ting Lee, University of Colorado Boulder, are leading a project that will help reveal some of those responsibilities.

Ying Xiong and Joon Kyoung Kim, University of Rhode Island

Helping companies stay transparent about their AI use when hiring – Scholar Q&A

Artificial intelligence is finding a role in nearly every major industry. Human resources is no different. Scholars Ying Xiong and Joon Kyoung Kim, University of Rhode Island are leading a project that will help companies become more transparent about using AI in their hiring practices.

Lim and Shin

Understanding corporate data responsibility through the user’s eyes – Scholar Q&A

Scholars Joon Soo Lim, Syracuse University; Chunsik Lee and Junga Kim, University of North Florida; and Donghee Shin, Texas Tech University, are leading a project that will examine corporate data responsibility and its relation to consumer trust. Specifically, they will be studying algorithms.

CSA Report 2023

Insights Report finds authenticity, purpose, and values are vital in corporate advocacy work

The Page Center’s 2023 Insights Report on corporate social advocacy reveals that companies must commit to authenticity to build trust. The document, the first of its kind, is a collection of new research-based tips and tactics for leading communicators to engage in multiple forms of advocacy.

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The Arthur W. Page Center Awards

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