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Ursula Burns, Sanjay Gupta and Kelly McGinnis to headline 8th annual Page Center Awards on March 25

The Page Center is hosting a special program that honors exemplary individuals for their commitment to ethical communication and leadership. The eighth annual Page Center Awards will recognize Ursula Burns, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Kelly McGinnis at a free, virtual event on March 25.

The Page Center has a new module!

New training module, Page Center Integrity Badge available

The Page Center launched a special training module that captures the magic of its annual integrity awards and packages it with current initiatives and important topics facing public communication industries. Students who complete the module will receive the 2024 Page Center Integrity Badge.

By Courtney D. Boman and Matthew S. VanDyke, University of Alabama

Navigating deceptive environmental messaging of greenwashing and interventions

In their Page Center study, two scholars unravel the layers of greenwashing susceptibility, offering actionable insights for navigating this complex terrain. The research contributes to the arsenal for combating deceptive environmental messaging.

Sustainability publics: Theories of segmentation and effective strategic environmental communication

A study by a team of Page Center scholars says segmenting the public based on awareness and understanding of related environmental problems allows for targeted interventions.

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The Page Center's 2023 Insights Report on Corporate Social Advocacy

The Page Center’s 2023 Insights Report on corporate social advocacy is a collection of new research-based tips and tactics for leading communicators to engage in multiple forms of advocacy.

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Page Center Training Modules

The Page Center is strengthening the role of ethics education in communications classrooms. We offer 15 free online modules on a range of ethics topics in public relations.


The Arthur W. Page Center Awards

Every year the Page Center honors icons of public communications who, over the course of their careers, have demonstrated a commitment to the concept of "truth well told."