Free Page Center ethics modules are tailormade for courses going virtual

As many communications courses transition to online or partial online instruction this fall, the Arthur W. Page Center offers free educational modules that make it easy for teachers to incorporate ethics into their classwork.

Diana Sisson, Auburn University; Debra Worthington, Auburn University; Graham Bodie, The University of Mississippi

Research in Progress: Stakeholders’ conceptualization of organizational listening

When individuals fail to listen, misunderstanding occurs, frustration ensues, and relationships can end, but when organizations fail to listen, the consequences are often more sweeping. Page Center scholars are seeking to clarifying what organizational listening is for in its use in organizational communication.

Sarah Maben and Chris Gearhart

Research in Progress: What do you want—really, really want—when you post on an org’s social media?

Listening in social media requires a response as evidence of listening. Two Page Center scholars are seeking insight into stakeholder expectations for listening, so companies can meet expectations and improve overall communication.

Rita Men, Sunny Tsai Alvin Zhou, and

Research in Progress: Chatbots as an emerging social listening tool for organizations

In an upcoming Page Center-funded research project, scholars will survey social media users to learn how effective social chatbots can be used as a tool for organizational listening.


The Arthur W. Page Center Awards

Every year the Page Center honors icons of public communications who, over the course of their careers, have demonstrated a commitment to the concept of "truth well told."

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Page Center Training Modules

The Page Center is strengthening the role of ethics education in communications classrooms. We offer 12 free online modules on a range of ethics topics in public relations.

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Support for scholars and professionals making important contributions to ethics and responsibility in public communication.