Courtney Boman and Matthew VanDyke

Research in Progress: Working to limit the persuasiveness of greenwashing efforts

The prevalence of companies’ strategic messaging related to the environment is unsurprising. However, such messaging can become problematic when it misleads consumers. Two Page Center scholars are leading a survey to understand perceptions of "greenwashing" and build a toolbox for professionals. 

Jeong-Nam Kim,  Alessandro Lovari,  Hyelim Lee, Cristina Vaz de Almeida,

Research in Progress: Explicating the role of personal ethics in public engagement

Getting the public engaged in environmental issues is challenging. A group of Page Center scholars is leading a research project that will help figure out how to get the public involved in these important issues. Their approach is integrating theories of problem solving and personal ethics.

Luke Capizzo and Andrea Martinez Gonzalez

Research in Progress: Polarized environments? Exploring CSA in an environmental context

Page Center scholars Luke Capizzo and Andrea Martinez Gonzalez are comparing previously studied CSA issues to the potentially polarizing context of climate change and applying a new mechanism for understanding the psychology of consumer/citizen responses to stances on polarizing issues.

Ching-Hua Chuan, Michelle I. Seelig, Weiting Tao, Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai

Research In Progress: A theory-based mobile app for forming and sustaining pro-environmental habits

Research suggests that while Gen-Zers consider themselves ecologically educated, their digital advocacy fails to align with offline behavioral change and activism. A team of Page Center scholars is working to design a mobile app to facilitate pro-environmental behavior change.

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