Teaching Modules

Module ButtonThe Arthur W. Page Center is strengthening the role of ethics education in communications classrooms by offering 16 free online modules that cover a variety of ethical issues within the public relations industry. Three modules specifically focus on activism in public relations.

Visit the Page Center Training website to access our 16 modules.

About the Modules

The Page Center recruited scholars to build modules that can be easily incorporated into new and existing classroom curricula. The in-depth lessons supplement courses with important insights from communications experts. Professors and instructors teaching any level of strategic communications courses are encouraged to use some or all of the modules. 

How to use the modules

Topics are:

  • Introduction to Public Relations Ethics
  • Core Ethical Principles
  • Professional Codes of Ethics
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Digital Ethics
  • Ethics in a Global Context
  • Transparency
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Ethics in Crisis Management 
  • Introduction to Diversity in Public Relations
  • Media Framing and Ethics
  • Ethical Implications of Fake News
  • Digital Media Activism
  • Parallels Among Public Interest Communication, Cause Communication and Activism
  • Shareholder Activism as a Force For Good
  • The Page Center Awards

When students successfully finish a module, they will be given the option to save or print a certificate, as well as notify their instructors that they have completed the module. 

Content is standardized so students can seamlessly move from one module to another and gain vital understanding of different topics. Each module is split into two lessons, which culminate with quizzes. Lessons are interactive and feature videos and informational graphics. Students can chronicle their progress through the modules via their dashboard. They will receive a certificate when a module is completed. Students need a 80% or higher on both lesson quizzes to earn the module certificate.