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Research by Taylor Voges, LaShonda Eaddy, Shelley Spector, and Yan Jin

Writing crisis communication history: Insights from health communication executives

November 4, 2021

By Taylor Voges, University of Georgia, LaShonda Eaddy, Penn State University, Shelley Spector, Museum of Public Relations, and Yan Jin, University of Georgia

This project – researching historical infectious disease communications and interviewing health communication practitioners – began as a way to better understand the seemingly new terrain that began in 2020. It was the early COVID-19 days.… More

Freberg and Kim

Code of conduct guides social media interactions with customers

July 4, 2018

By Karen Freberg, University of Louisville, and Carolyn Kim, Biola University

Social media and public relations go hand-in-hand in many circumstances, but nothing is as strong as the connection it has to organizational public relations (OPR). The ways individuals can engage in dialogue and conversation with brands today are limitless, but for customer inquiries and service options, we mostly… More

Kirstie Hettinga and Alyssa Appelman

Correction placement affects perceived importance and credibility

June 4, 2018

New research suggests online news publications can enhance credibility by rearranging their corrections.

With funding from the Arthur W. Page Center, assistant professors Kirstie Hettinga, California Lutheran University, and Alyssa Appelman, Northern Kentucky University, examined readers’ perceptions of corrections in digital news stories. The scholars’ findings suggest that The New York Times, a legacy publication with a high… More

Marcus Messner

Placing health communications under the microscope

February 8, 2017

By Sarah Vlazny, Page Center intern

With the help of Page Center funding, Marcus Messner’s ongoing research could change the way health organizations communicate with their publics and make the world a healthier place.

Messner, a Page Center legacy scholar and journalism professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, has focused much of his research on methods and trends… More

Rebecca McEntee, Renita Coleman, and Carolyn Yaschur

Effects of writing style and photographs on moral judgment in public relations

January 18, 2017

By Rebecca McEntee, South Dakota State University; Renita Coleman, University of Texas; and Carolyn Yaschur, Augustana College.

Professionals charged with communicating for non-profit and social movement organizations have a special obligation to promote the greater good. They have been called “moral visionaries,” tasked with serving as moral educators.

In order to help these communicators achieve this goal,… More