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Weiting and Lee

Examining organizational ethics of care for employees

May 22, 2024

By Weiting Tao, University of Miami and Yeunjae Lee, Colorado State University

In today’s environment, employee engagement and relationships with their organizations have become particularly fragile. Drastic changes to the workplace in the post pandemic world (e.g., teleworking, relocation, restructuring) have induced psychological stress on employees, leaving them in a vulnerable state.

This has made organizational care… More


Internal sustainability branding and employees’ pro-environmental behaviors

January 23, 2024

By Yeunjae Lee, Colorado State University, Ruoyu Sun, University of Georgia, and Enzhu Dong, University of Miami

Employes’ pro-environmental behaviors have become essential organizational assets for today’s corporations fulfilling their environmental sustainability commitments to society. The COVID-19 pandemic even emphasized its importance as amplified environmental issues (e.g., the increased water usage and waste generation) propelled companies to embrace… More

Yuan Wang, City University of Hong Kong, and Rita Linjuan Men, University of Florida

Adapting organizational tactics for digital internal listening – Scholar Q&A

December 4, 2023

For as long as businesses with employees have been around, there has been some form of internal organizational listening. But over the years, things change, and businesses need to adapt to ensure their employees feel heard and respected. Page Center scholars Yuan Wang, City University of Hong Kong, and Rita Linjuan Men, University of Florida, are leading a project… More

Flora Hung-Baesecke University of Technology Sydney

How public relations fits into corporate purpose – Scholar Q&A with Flora Hung-Baesecke

September 26, 2023

Purpose-driven organizations benefit from maintaining values that seek to resolve societal issues. A team of Page Center scholars noted a remarkable lack of direction in how public relations can contribute to developing this corporate purpose. Page Center scholars Flora Hung-Baesecke and Maureen Taylor from the University of Technology Sydney and Yi-Ru Regina Chen from Hong Kong Baptist University are… More

Sisi QA

Building a toolbox for prosocial health messaging – Scholar Q&A with Sisi Hu

July 25, 2023

Scholars Sisi Hu and Amanda Hinnant share a common interest in researching prosocial health and science communication. Their collaboration started at the University of Missouri where Hu was a Ph.D. student and Hinnant was her dissertation adviser. Hu recently became an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas, but their collaboration continues. Their project studying motivations of messaging in… More

Taylor Voges, Ketchum; Shelley Spector, The Museum of Public Relations; and Yan Jin, University of Georgia

Learning from today’s Native American and First Nation communicators

July 8, 2023

By Taylor Voges, Ketchum; Shelley Spector, The Museum of Public Relations; and Yan Jin, University of Georgia

“So much inaccuracy…perpetuated by decades of Hollywood drama, by advertising. Don't get me started on professional sports teams…the textbooks that students study in America about Native American history [are] so wrong.”

These unfortunate conceptions have led researchers to investigate various… More