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Maril MacDonald

Interview Segments on Topic: Ethical Decisionmaking/Behavior

Maril MacDonald Biography

Maril MacDonald is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Gagen MacDonald LLC.  She is a nationally recognized leader in communications and strategy execution.  Prior to Gagen MacDonald, she served as vice president, corporate communications, and was a member of the Executive Management Committee for International Truck and Engine Corporation (formerly Navistar), and with CEO John Horne, directed a successful cultural turnaround, bringing the company from the brink of bankruptcy to being named to the Wall Street Journal’s “Top 10 Performers” list and Business Week’s “Top 50 Companies”.

MacDonald is the current President of the Arthur W. Page Society an is a member of the Arthur W. Page Center Advisory Board.


INTERVIEWER: Let’s talk about ethical decision making in the workplace. How important is mentoring to fostering ethical decision making, do you think?

MACDONALD: You know, I believe most of us get our ethics from our family, and that’s where it starts. So from that standpoint where mentoring becomes critical, is in helping someone learn how to navigate the world in a way that they can stay true to themselves, and in giving them advice and suggestions if they bump into a problem or make a mistake of how to get themselves out of it. That’s what I think the mentoring is. I don’t believe we put ethics into somebody. I think we just help get the world out of the way for them, so they can be the ethical person they want to be.