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Roger Bolton

Interview Segments on Topic: PR Agency or Corporate PR/Outsourcing

Roger Bolton Biography

Bolton, senior counselor to APCO Worldwide, a leading global public affairs and corporate communications consultancy, began his career as a journalist before serving as a press secretary for a member of Congress.  Bolton became director of speechwriting for the Reagan/Bush re-election campaign, and was eventually confirmed by the U.S. Senate to be assistant secretary of the Treasury for public affairs and public liaison under President Bush in 1989.

As senior vice president of communications for Aetna, Bolton led a group of senior Aetna executives to think about culture and organizational effectiveness, which resulted in the creation of the Aetna Way, with integrity as its first fundamental value.  Roger Bolton is past president of the Arthur W. Page Society and current chair of the Arthur W. Page Center Advisory Board.


Interviewer: What functions do you outsource? Do you have to hire agencies specifically to do? How does that work? As far what’s your internal versus external groups.

Bolton: Well we have an ad agency obviously for our advertising. For PR we do the vast majority of it internally. The only time we go outside for PR is for a specialized major acquisition or divestiture and even then we’ve done so many of them that we do most of it in-house these days. We also have an outside PR firm that we’re using for a consumer PR campaign that we’ve been conducting for the past two or three years. But the vast majority of work that we do is in-house.