Graduate Programs

The Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications offers a master’s degree in media studies and Ph.D. in mass communications. Our curriculum allows students to design a program of study tailored to their interests, choosing from an array of classes each semester that explore theory and cutting-edge research methods in mass communication.

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    The President of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) is our Dean, Marie Hardin

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    of our faculty, Mary Beth Oliver and Shyam Sundar, are International Communication Association (ICA) Fellows

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    of our graduate faculty (Marie Hardin, Matt McAllister and Bob Richards) have been recognized with University-wide teaching awards

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    of our PhD students in 2017-18 were awarded:          - A Fulbright Scholarship for Study/Research in the Czech Republic (Azeta Hatef)          - A UNESCO Fellowship in Paris (Jenna Grzeslo)          - A Consortium on Media Policy Studies (COMPASS) Fellowship in Washington, D.C. (Yang Bai)          - A University-wide Martin Outstanding Teaching Award (Jared LaGroue), the third year in a row for a student in our program

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    of our faculty are editors or senior editors for major journals:          - American Journalism (Ford Risley)          - Computers in Human Behavior (Bu Zhong)          - Mass Communication & Society (Fuyuan Shen)          - Journal of Media Ethics (Patrick Plaisance)          - Journal of Information Policy (Krishna Jayakar)

Recent Graduates