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Summer Camps

Explore your interests through one of our hands-on camps conducted each summer for high school students taught by Bellisario College faculty members.

2023 Summer Camps Recap

Summer 2024

July 7-12, 2024

Ourcamps are FULL for summer 2024.

Applications for 2025 will open in December.

Social Media and Content Creator Camp

Three students walk while holding smartphones and camera holders.
A graphic of a smartphone with icons for social media channels

Do you always know what’s trending? Like making social media content instead of merely consuming it? Dream of being an influencer? These digital platforms revolutionized the way we communicate and created environments for new businesses to emerge, including for content creator entrepreneurs. Opportunities abound for the curious, driven and creative in these digital times of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. This camp focuses on getting the most out of social media for personal and professional purposes.

Campers will learn:

  • How social media can help launch their careers as creators and help brands engage with their audiences.
  • How to produce compelling photos and videos.
  • How to find the right platform and audience for their own content ideas.

They’ll learn from instructors who launched their own digital projects and regularly break down the basics as educators. This camp introduces students to the practical, professional side of social media. Throughout the week, they’ll get hands-on experience, creating content at events on campus and in the community. By the end, campers will recognize the opportunities and meet the challenges posed by social media – they’ll be ready to flourish in this digital age.

Social media campers use a cellphone for take a photo.
Campers record a young student.
Group shot of students participating in camp.

Broadcast Journalism Camp

A gentleman in the center of the screen gets interviewed by two students with a camera who are positioned left and right on the image.

Penn State's state-of-the-art television studio provides a home for campers who choose this option. Students will work in the same newsroom and studio used by award-winning Penn State students as they learn about TV news and sports productions. It's an opportunity to explore essential broadcast journalism skills, newsgathering techniques, storytelling and more.

The sessions allow campers to produce their own news or sports video story from start to finish. Students will have an opportunity to record their video and interviews, as well as write and edit their story.

Campers will also gain insight into other areas of TV news/sports from experienced professionals who have worked in the industry for years. Along with faculty, students in the broadcast journalism major at Penn State will serve as counselors, providing an additional resource for those interested in the field. This camp is a good option for students considering a career in either on-air or off-air television news and sports (including reporting, anchoring, producing and videography).

Students working in a TV studio.
Four people with a camera on a grassy area for an interview.
A student focuses her camera on a table of items for sale.
Students with a camera interview a baseball player.
A student's image is shown on a monitor scren.

Film Production Camp

Are you creative? Are you motivated? Are you interested in making movies?

If so, plan to attend the Penn State Camp for Filmmakers! This camp offers you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in film and video production. During the week on campus, campers will plan, shoot and screen three separate projects.

Along with that will come discussion and practice in shot grammar and story construction as well as hands-on camera training.

Campers will have the opportunity to:

  • pitch story ideas;
  • work with a small team to produce videos;
  • learn to be a writer, director, actor, cinematographer, and/or editor; and
  • learn the basic techniques necessary to bring their creative vision to the screen.

The session led by industry professionals and experienced Penn State faculty includes a focus on lighting and scripting. Students also get the chance to work in state-of-the-art facilities on campus, including the dedicated film shooting space in the Bellisario College and the green screen.

A student checks on focusing a camera.
A student in a hat smiles at the camers.
Two students collaborate to set up a camera shot.
A student looks at the camera, framed by parts of a camera.
Students laugh while discussing a camera shot.
A student smiles at the camera while standing next to a light kit.


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