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Study Abroad

Through “embedded” courses or numerous study abroad programs at Penn State, students may gain exposure to different situations that help them open their minds, and possibly change their lives. Such experiences prepare students for the global professional environment of the 21st century.

Embedded Programs, Spring 2024

Embedded courses allow students to complement a semester of classroom work with a focused week of study and hands-on work in a foreign country. An embedded course exists in each of our five majors, and those spring semester courses combine a classroom experience on campus with a working spring break trip.

COMM 402 International Reporting

This program is designed to give student journalists experience in reporting the news in a foreign country.

In spring 2024, approximately 15 students will travel to Istanbul. Each student will research, report and produce a significant piece of journalism that touches on some aspect of life in this ancient city that straddles Europe and Asia. Strategically located on the Bosphorus peninsula between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, Istanbul has been a hub of political, cultural, religious, and artistic ferment for more than 2,000 years. In previous years, students in the course have traveled to Brazil, China, Cuba, Estonia, Greece, Israel, Mexico, Panama, and South Africa.

COMM 437A International Documentary Production

Students research and produce a short documentary film to be shot during their abroad experience. Previous filming locations have included England, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Peru and Hungary. In spring 2024, students will travel to Amsterdam to produce a short documentary film.


COMM 491A International Telecommunications - Travel

The special theme of this telecommunications policy course is “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in E-sports and Videogaming in Croatia .” Croatia, a European nation of less than 4 million, is emerging as a global leader in e-sports and videogaming. Students will gain first-hand knowledge of the county and industry during the semester long class and spring break trip.

Promo image for COMM 491a in Croatia

Study Abroad

Penn State Global Programs Website

A traditional study abroad program will open your mind and change your life. It will also prepare you for the global professional environment of the 21st century.


Students interested in a media related experience during the summer should consider the CzechMates program, an approved program sponsored by Penn State.

For students interested in a semester-long media related experience that includes internship placement, the CzechMates program also offers many opportunities.

Of course, locations around the world with other program provide many options — and many resources exist to support students.

Study Abroad: Resources

  1. Office of Global Programs

    Lists all programs, options and available financial aid.

  2. Peer Advisers

    Students who have studied abroad will consult on a walk-in basis in 422 Boucke Building.

  3. Education Abroad Advisers (EAAs)

    After talking to a peer adviser, make an appointment with an EAA to discuss: choice of program, the application process and financial aid. EAAs are also located in 422 Boucke Building.

  4. Bellisario College Academic Advising
    Advisers in 204 Carnegie Building and the faculty adviser in your major will help make study abroad courses fit your course of study.

Study Abroad: Need to Know

A traditional study abroad program will open your mind and change your life. It will also prepare you for the global professional environment of the 21st century.

Planning and preparation represent a big part of the process when considering study-abroad opportunities.

  1. Your degree requirements.
    See an adviser to go over your degree audit to ensure your abroad program aligns with your graduation plans.
  2. How your credits abroad will count.
    Studying through a Penn State international program or through a non-Penn State international program differ in terms of accreditation and transfer of credits. *World Campus is not affiliated with Global Programs and is not an Education Abroad approved study abroad program
  3. Your financial aid situation.
    If you wish to receive financial aid or have received financial aid in the past, discuss your study-abroad plans with the financial aid office to understand how studying abroad works with your financial aid qualifications and obligations. Go to the Financial Aid Office, 314 Shields Building, or call 814-865-6301.
  4. Your internship possibilities and obligations.
    If there is a possibility of an internship abroad, it is extremely important for you to understand all the internship obligations before going abroad. You must meet with Assistant Dean for Internships and Career Services Bob Martin (208D Carnegie Building, 814-863-4674) prior to going abroad or your internship will not be approved for credit.