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Bellisario College Fellows

Bellisario Fellows, group photo, 2019

The Bellisario College Fellows program provides a transformational learning experience for students, helping them meet and network with alumni and industry leaders while engaging them to serve as ambassadors for the Bellisario College and Penn State. The goals of the Bellisario Fellows Program are to recognize and reward outstanding, high-achieving students and provide opportunities for service, scholarship, and professional development.

Belisario Fellows, group shot 2021

Students selected as Bellisario College Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as interacting with alumni and industry leaders, mentoring first-year students, attending professional or academic conferences, participating in Penn State’s Undergraduate Exhibition, attending roundtables with distinguished visitors, dinner with Deans of the Bellisario College, outreach for recruiting high school students, and teambuilding exercises. Students selected as Fellows also receive an annual scholarship and the opportunity to apply for enrichments funds.

Candidates are evaluated on their academic performance, demonstrated interest in career development, involvement in the Bellisario College and campus media opportunities, and potential to become notable stewards to the Bellisario College.

Current Bellisario College Fellows

Preview image for Emily Eng, Advertising/Public Relations
Preview image for Isabella Granada, Advertising/Public Relations (Stanhope, New Jersey)

Campus clubs/organizations: Association of Women in Sports Media, Dancer Relations THON, THON Organization-Tetra, FYIC Homecoming,
Penn State Sports Night, ED2010, CASA

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow
: "I hope to accomplish a framework of experiences and work ethic values that will put me in the best posiition to achieve future goals. These goals include working in the social media realm and pursuing a career in marketing."

Preview image for Lauren Groff, Advertising/Public Relations

Campus clubs/organizations: Penn State Presidential Leadership Academy, Association for Women in Sports Media, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow: I hope to reciprocate the generosity I have unconditionally received from the faculty and staff throughout my Penn State journey thus far. I look forward to serving as a peer mentor and advocate for the Bellisario College and all it has to offer.

Preview image for Cerrena Lewis, Advertising/Public Relations (Bronx, New York)

Campus clubs/organizations: Bellisario Alliance of Multicultural Students, S.M.A.R.T / Athletic Tour Guide, Penn State Athletics Strategic Communications, THON-Communications Committee, Arthur W. Page Center Intern

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow: I hope I will build meaningful connections with alumni and current students. I want to continue to be an advocate for the black and multicultural community. I also want to be a guide to current students and help them navigate college life and be a connection for them when it comes to organizations and career opportunities.

Preview image for Kathryn Tague, Advertising/Public Relations
Preview image for Davis Yoshitani, Advertising/Public Relations (West Point, New York)

Campus clubs/organizations: Vice President of the Advertising and Public Relations Club,
Executive Team Member of the Nittany Group (American Advertising Federation), Penn State Navigators

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow: I am so excited about the mentorship opportunities. I will be very excited to meet with first-year students and share some advice that I wish I knew as a first-year student. I believe mentorship and passing down information is an amazing opportunity and one that is very fulfilling!

Preview image for Liana Simmons, Film Production (Pittsburgh)

Campus clubs/organizations: Phi Eta Sigma National Honors Society, CommAgency, 46 LIVE, Movin' On, Sign Language Organization, Short Doc Workshop, and the Penn State Blue Band Multimedia Internship

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow: I am hoping to tear down walls and build bridges for the circumstances that divide us. I have realized the power of storytelling through digital media, and have come to understand the importance of telling the stories of others while also developing and telling my own story through my experiences. I also want to serve as an example for future generations who will come after me.

Preview image for Abby Tarpey, Film Production
Preview image for Caros Garcia, Journalism (Miami)

Campus clubs/organizations: PSN News, "After the Whistle," CommRadio, 46 LIVE, Valley Network Sports

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow: I hope to create more opportunities for students to grow during and after their time at Penn State, as well as providing them with relationships that will last after graduation.

Preview image for Destiny Sanchez, Journalism (Stony Brook, New York)

Campus clubs/organizations: Penn State Sports Night, Association of Women in Sports Media, 46 LIVE, Penn State Sports Business Conference, Penn State Network Television, Society of Professional Journalists.

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow: I hope to represent the college with high integrity, ambition, and leadership. I hope to engage in giving prospective students insight to what it is like to be a student here and potentially be the reason they choose to come to Penn State. I look forward to engaging with alumni and donors who contribute so much to their alma mater, and represent the college in those environments.

Preview image for Luke Vargas, Journalism (Covington, Louisiana)

Campus clubs/organizations: The Daily Collegian

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow
: "I want to become the best journalist I can possibly be. I hope to leave Penn State with the drive and passion for strong insightful writing that great journalism requires."

Preview image for McKenna Wall, Journalism (Allentown, Pennsylvania)

Campus clubs/organizations: CommRadio, Movin' On
"After the Whistle," Association for Women in Sports Media, Penn State Athletics Video Board Production, FOTO, Younglife, 46 LIVE

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow: I look forward to welcoming future students and helping them realize Penn State’s abundant resources. I hope to serve as a role model for students and as an exemplary representative for alumni.

Preview image for Jenna Meleedy, Media Studies (Upton, Massachusetts)

Campus clubs/organizations: The News Literacy Initiative, The Daily Collegian, No Refund Theatre, Residence Life

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow: I hope to help make Penn State an epicenter of media effects research, education and advocacy. There is no shortage of motivated students and faculty in the college, and I am excited to work among those who will challenge my professional skills and competencies. I strive to represent a new generation of technology-literate educators and activists dedicated to shaping our media ecosystem and preserving our democracy, and am ready to take action building initiatives with the power to do so.

Preview image for Mitchell Scordo, Telecommunications and Media Industries (Mount Joy, Pennsylvania)

Campus clubs/organizations: Lion Caucus, Penn State Network Television, Penn State Blue Band

What I hope to accomplish as a Bellisario Fellow: I hope to become a charismatic and knowledgable representative of the Bellisario College. My time as a student has enriched my Penn State experience and provided me with numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. I hope to continue that growth as a Bellisario Fellow as I show first-year students everything the Bellisario College has to offer and foster lasting relationships that bring a small school feel.

Bellisario College Fellows

-- SPRING 2023 --

Advertising/Public Relations: Cerrena Lewis (Bronx, New York), Davis Yoshitani (West Point, New York)

Film Production: Liana Simmons (Pittsburgh)

Journalism: McKenna Wall (Allentown, Pennsylvania), Carlos Garcia (Miami)

Media Studies: Jenna Meleedy (Upton, Massachusetts)

Telecommunications and Media Industries: Mitchell Scordo (Mount Joy, Pennsylvania)

-- SPRING 2022 --

Advertising/Public Relations: Emily Eng, Lauren Groff, Kathryn Tague

Film Production: Ryan Manuud, Abby Tarpey

Journalism: Destiny Sanchez (Stony Brook, New York)

-- FALL 2021 --

Advertising/Public Relations: Catherine Cao (South Setauket, New York), Sara Harkins (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania)

Journalism: Maryah Burney (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), Preston Shoemaker (Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania), Megan Swift (Murrysville, Pennsylvania)

Telecommunications and Media Industries: Jodi Norton (Ellington, Connecticut),

-- FALL 2020 --

Advertising/Public Relations: Isabella Granada (Stanhope, New Jersey), Kaitlin-Jean Noel (East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)

Film Production: Chris Alderfer (Schwenksville, Pennsylvania)

Journalism: Jade Campos (Caroline County, Virginia), Kira Mohr (Boston), Luke Vargas (Covington, Louisiana)

-- FALL 2019 --

Advertising/Public Relations: Jillian Beitter (Long Island, New York), Christina Chambers (West Chester, Pennsylvania) and Nina Trach (South Brunswick, New Jersey)

Film-Video: Katie Gergel (West Chester, Pennsylvania), Jake Jurich (Ashburn, Virginia) and Jacob Saar (Etters, Pennsylvania)

Journalism: Maddie Biertempfel (Pittsburgh), Dejanae Gibson (Clarksville, Tennessee) and Josh Starr (Broomall, Pennsylvania)

Media Studies: Dominika Brice (Stamford, Connecticut)

Telecommunications: Skylier Smith (Cleveland)

-- FALL 2018 --

Advertising/Public Relations: Christina Chambers (West Chester, Pennsylvania) and Taylor Harrington (Westport, Connecticut)

Film-Video: Katie Gergel (West Chester, Pennsylvania) Peter Rivera (Land O’Lakes, Florida)

Journalism: Maddie Biertempfel (Pittsburgh) and Alison Kuznitz (Trumbull, Connecticut)

Media Studies: Bennett Nesley (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) and Ellis Stump (Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)

Telecommunications: Andrea Melgar (Pahrump, Nevada) and Meghan Shiels (Julian, Pennsylvania)