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Cassandra Troy

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Master's: Purdue University
Bachelor's: Virginia Commonwealth University



Cassandra Troy grew up in coastal Virginia and attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where she earned bachelor’s degrees in communication arts and German. After graduation she gained experience working for an international nonprofit and a university doing a variety of communication work, including graphic design, social media management and strategic communication planning. Her current program of research focuses on strategic environmental communication for prosocial and pro-environmental outcomes. She is particularly interested in corporate social responsibility and advocacy, positive environmental messaging, and psychological drivers and inhibitors of collective action. Her dissertation, funded by a dissertation research improvement grant from the National Science Foundation, investigates the role of solutions journalism in climate risk mitigation. Additionally, she is cultivating a growing body of work on the intersection of environmental issues and public health. During her time at Penn State, she has also been instructor of record for two courses and has guest lectured in a number of undergraduate and graduate classes.



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