David Sidore

Part-Time Faculty

David Sidore



David Sidore is an interdisciplinary scholar, working in media studies, cultural studies, film studies, technology studies, and English (which is to say, literary studies). His research interests include cybernetics and information theory (especially the cultural representations of and discourses on them), post-Cold War culture, and the changing nature of television as a medium.

Sidore completed his graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh, earning a Ph.D. in critical and cultural studies, with Ph.D. certificates in film studies and cultural studies. He earned his A.B. in Semiotics, with honors, from Brown University. Prior to joining the Penn State English Department in 2020, he was a professor of English and media studies in the Department of Media, Culture & the Arts at Middle Georgia State University. There, he helped found the programs in communications and Information technology, new media and communications, and interdisciplinary studies. He designed and taught most of the initial courses in film, media studies, and popular culture. He also taught the first course in video production and served as the faculty advisor of the student-run campus television station.