Dong Wook Jeong


Dong Wook Jeong



DongWook Jeong is a second-year Ph.D. student from South Korea.

Since DongWook was in primary school, he has been a crazy fan of variety shows and K-pop music, which led him to pursue being a TV producer. Thus, he started media & communication studies at Korea University (Seoul, South Korea). However, during his junior year, he took media economics and media policy and regulation classes and decided to study more about media economics and policy at graduate school. Therefore, instead of becoming a TV producer, he started a master’s degree in media & communication at Korea University.

At Penn State, his research delves into media diversity from three dimensions: platform, source and content diversity, and access perspectives. He examines how algorithm-based over-the-top services (OTT) influence media diversity and the intricate relationship between their regulation and First Amendment considerations. Furthermore, he advocates for recognizing the broadband divide as a critical factor in exposure to diverse content. To this end, DongWook investigates broadband inequalities, particularly within urban areas, by considering factors such as ethnicity, income, redline grade, and more socioeconomic factors.

Additionally, he shows keen interest in establishing the rationale for policies related to gaming and esports, drawing insights from his background in media studies.

*He loves bichon although he doesn't have a dog.