Gelan (Evelyn) Yin


Gelan (Evelyn) Yin



Evelyn Gelan Yin got her bachelor’s degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She earned her master’s dual degree in media studies and women, gender and sexuality studies from Penn State. She is interested in feminism, queerness, popular culture, and their entanglement with media. She is also passionate about studying how the political economy and affordances of digital platforms can shape the culture and activism especially regarding gender or other social justice issues.

Her master’s thesis investigates how queer women become online influencers through vlogging in China’s media environment. She hopes to re-approach intimate relationships between and among women outside of heteropatriarchal discourse and build conversations between queer and feminist scholarship. She tries to decolonize queer knowledge from the dominant LGBTI+ identities while situating local queer subjects in the global landscape.