Jiaqi (Agnes) Bao


Jiaqi (Agnes) Bao



Jiaqi (Agnes) Bao is originally from a coastal city located in South China. She graduated from Michigan State University with a master’s degree in journalism in 2019. She also held a bachelor’s degree in communication, with a specialization in multimedia technology.

After completing her graduate study in Michigan, Bao relocated to Los Angeles to start her career in news industry. Her work experience ranges from print media to broadcasting and multimedia reporting. In her two-year career journey, she has made tremendous strides, progressing from news reporter to content supervisor with a higher level of responsibility and oversight. S

he has always been interested in discovering ways of storytelling to increase audiences’ comprehension of information. Her work has given her numerous insights into online behavior and attitudes toward different types of content, particularly health information during the pandemic.

Her current research interests include understanding the influence of communication technologies and digital media on health communication and journalism practice. She is also interested in exploring how strategic communication can help people lead better lives.


Jiaqi (Agnes) Bao
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