Jinping Wang


Jinping Wang


  • Master's: Renmin University
  • Bachelor's: Renmin University



Jinping Wang earned her bachelor's degree in advertising and her master’s degree in communication studies from Renmin University of China, where she was named as the Outstanding Graduate of Class 2016. During her time in Beijing, she gained a variety of professional experiences from multiple internships in media industry, including public relations, social media marketing, and news application management.

As a Ph.D. student, Wang has an interest in the fields of psychological effects of communication technologies and human-computer interactions. Specifically, her research focuses on how different technological affordances motivate individuals to speak up for themselves and shape the way individuals disclose their opinions, emotions, and identities, as well as how these expressions continue to influence both senders and receivers. This pertains to expressions that occur in various digital environments, including social media, mediated conversations, mobile platforms, and human interactions with AI-based conversational agents. The primary topics of interest are political expression and health-related talk.