Nicholas Eng

Nicholas Eng

Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

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Master's: North Carolina State University Bachelor's: Nanyang Technological University



Born and raised in Singapore, Eng graduated with a bachelor’s in communication from Nanyang Technological University. He then continued to earn his master’s in communication from North Carolina State University, where he taught public speaking and served as a data analyst and media specialist at the Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network. With industry experience in strategic communications, he is interested in studying how theory can help communicators better reach the public on issues relating to science, health, the environment and risk.

Most of his research has been focused on studying the use of media to promote pro-environmental behaviors and health-related behaviors such as physical activity and e-cigarette cessation. The two main questions that guide his research are: What are some of the psychological processes like heuristic processing or emotion regulation that influence people’s perceptions of risks, the environment and their health? How can we construct strategic mediated messages that complements these psychological processes to effect positive attitudinal and behavioral change?

In his free time, he enjoys working out at F45, exploring new places, and re-watching "The Office."