Rachel Patterson


Rachel Patterson



Rachel Patterson earned a bachelor's in public relations and a master's in media research from the University in Memphis in 2019 and 2021. Her goal in obtaining a PhD at Penn State is to continue in academia as a professor and contribute to the field of eating disorder research. Her research interests include LGBTQ+ studies, social media and representation in pop culture, public relations, and health communication focusing on the intersection of eating disorders, body image, and feminism within the media.

When she is not focused on academic pursuits, she enjoys spending quality time with her one year old son, hiking, and reading.


Kannen, V., Langille, A., & Patterson, R. (2023). Say their Name: How the News Reports the Death of Transgender People and its intersection with Transnormativity. In Virtual identities and digital culture (pp. 240–247). essay, Routledge, Taylor et Francis Group.