Yongnam Jung


Yongnam Jung



Yongnam Jung earned her bachelor's degree in information communication engineering from Ewha Womans University, and started her professional career as a system software engineer for smartphones at Samsung Electronics. She also worked as a new technology development manager, and introduced diverse technology such as voice recognition and handwriting for the Galaxy series.

After collaborating with the marketing/PR team to promote new technology she wanted to understand customers’ psychology behind their new technology acceptance and purchase decisions, so she earned her master’s degree in advertising and public relations from the University of Texas at Austin. From the research, how customers’ digital activity (eWOM) influences customers’ purchase decision in Amazon.com, she got very interested in customers’ psychology change in eCommerce and the measurable data point she can use for the research.

With the passion for the potential research, she joined the big data team at Samsung Electronics, and analyzed phone usage/registration data to increase service users. After she was dispatched to Samsung NJ/NYC office, she started to use customer’s web/app behavior data to provide customized marketing.

After getting interesting results from the campaigns, she realized that customers’ data itself can’t tell enough, rather understanding customers’ psychology and information processing would be essential to make a best strategy. Therefore, she wants to further study what makes customers interact with the message/website, what’s the impact of the interaction and what drives customers to talk online.

She lives with her husband and two little princesses. She enjoys Van Gogh's work as well as playing golf and reading books.