Oral History Interviews

Interview: Adrian Lee

Date of Interview: August 24, 2005
Place of Interview: Flourtown, Pennsylvania
Interviewer: Russ Eshleman

Biographical Summary
Adrian Lee was born in South Florida, and grew up outside Miami and in Baltimore. He attended Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, and after joining the Navy during World War II, he moved to Philadelphia, where he wrote for the Philadelphia Bulletin and later the Philadelphia Daily News. During his career, he wrote about Philadelphia police and crime, Harrisburg state politics, and overseas events in far-reaching locales such as the Middle East and Vietnam.

Interview Highlights
Lee speaks about his experiences writing for the Philadelphia Bulletin and the Philadelphia Daily News; about what it was like working for the now-defunct Bulletin before it closed; about his experiences covering the Six Day War and the Vietnam War; about covering the Philadelphia police beat while remaining in competition with the city’s other major daily, The Philadelphia Inquirer; and about his experiences writing about Frank Rizzo, former mayor of Philadelphia.