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Interview: Fred Behringer

Date of Interview: March 9, 2006
Place of Interview: Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Interviewer: Russ Eshleman

Biographical Summary
Fred Behringer was born in Ambler, Pennsylvania, in 1935. He started covering sports for the Ambler Whitemarsh Valley News and later the Ambler Gazette while in high school. He graduated from Brown University where he was editor of the student newspaper. He held various posts with the Ambler Gazette, including sports editor, managing editor and editor. As Montgomery Publishing Company, the owner of the Gazette, expanded by purchasing or starting other weekly newspapers in suburban Philadelphia, Behringer began directing more papers. He eventually was named vice president of Montgomery Publishing. He retired from the company in 2001.

Interview Highlights
Behringer speaks about his family; about covering sports in high school; about working as the sports editor of the newspaper at Brown; about the various positions he held at the Ambler Gazette; about the coverage of the community by the Gazette and the role of weekly newspapers; about the growth of Montgomery Publishing and his role with the company; and about the consolidation of newspaper ownership.

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 Fred Behringer