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Interview: Jim Naughton

Date of Interview: Sept. 17, 2010
Place of Interview: Philadelphia
Interviewer: Russ Eshleman

Biographical Summary
Jim Naughton was born in Pittsburgh on Aug. 13, 1938, and grew up in Cleveland and Painesville, Ohio. He got his first newspaper job working for the Painesville Telegraph in high school and later attended the University of Notre Dame before completing two years in the Marine Corps. During his journalism career, he worked as a reporter at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer. At the Times, Naughton covered the White House as a member of the Washington Bureau before becoming national editor at the Inquirer.

Interview Highlights
Naughton speaks about his experiences writing for the Painesville Telegraph and the Cleveland Plain Dealer; about what it was like being a member of the New York Times Washington Bureau as a young reporter; about his experiences covering the 1970 presidential campaign; about what it was like to work as a national editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer under Gene Roberts and Gene Foreman; and about his thoughts on the future of journalism.

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 Jim Naughton